Covid-19 has changed the entire routines and habits of everyone, either it is sleeping schedule or eating timing, everything has changed. Brand’s selling’s or way of the brand’s product selling has also been changed. As the whole world was practicing lockdown to get rid of this nightmare there was only one platform for people to hang around, chat with friends, and do a lot more, it was social networking websites. As in Mid-march, Covid-19 cases were increasing rapidly, Enterprises also faced a crisis to sell their products. At that time Social Media gained momentum.

As Statista reported a 21% uptick in monthly social media usage, Companies tried the maximum use of social media for their business.

The E-commerce industry got the boom at that period, people preferred online shopping because there was no other option left for them.

It is not true that businesses were not using social media platforms to engage with their audience before, but this is true their competition increased. As every New Year brings new trends of marketing social media trends are also being evolved and improved. In today’s world, if any organization is not using social media platforms for business, they are losing much. Covid-19 made social media competition tough among the brands. As trends are being changed, and every new change brings a new market with it. We need to follow the “Trendy Trend” of social media marketing. Below are the predictions for the social media trends that might be followed in 2021.

  1. Short time content

We have seen in recent times, stories have gain popularity because it consumes less time of users, also it is kind of addictive and attractive. Users do not have to consume most of his time on one thing. Users keep scrolling the stories one by one, with many filters available on stories, it keeps this option very unique among users. For any organization, it is a challenge to present its content on stories in a unique way to attract customers. Many brands have been using this option and it is predicted, this trend is going to be used most in 2021. 

  • Big Giants vs Newcomers (Social Media platforms)

In 2019 Tiktok made an entry into this competition. This app became very popular among the youth. This app allowed many people to become influencers. Enterprises started to use them to market their goods as it was not costly but, very engaging. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn giants of social networking sites are continuously introducing new features to maintain their influence. This healthy competition provides organizations an opportunity to engage with their customer in different ways. In 2021 this competition will provide you many new features.

  • Ecommerce to Social Commerce

During Covid-19 times, it was not possible to go to the shopping malls freely, people spent most of the time on social sites. This gap allows businesses to sell their goods on social sites. The concept of social commerce was already present, but it got the boom during covid-19 times. One of the best opportunities to sell on social sites is, companies can get direct feedback from their customers. Facebook and Instagram insight features provide complete information about the audience. This feature is going to be more improved in 2021. Many brands have turned to social commerce, it has become the need now.

  • Which form of content is going to use in 2021?

Content in every form, if it is unique, attractive, and engaging is going to be used but Video content has always been more explainable, understandable, and can be made unique by using different ways. On existing social media sites, videos rank higher than any other type of content because they get engagement from viewers. In 2020 Organization used video content the most. We can expect to see more video content in 2021.

  • Influencers impact

With the introduction of a new social platform like Tiktok, many people got the opportunity to showcase their talent, not only Tiktok they used different social media platforms to increase their followers. Now brands are using them as a brand representatives on social sites also using their fan following to market their product. As we all know making a video commercial and advertising it on TV is much costly. Using influencers to market their business on social media is a new trend and it will be used in 2021.

  • Local target market

As Facebook and other social media platform have allowed us to boost your product to your exact audience, you can even set a certain age limit, can choose a location or multiple. This feature is being used, but it is predicted many more options are being added to make it more improved in 2021.

Social Media has been part and parcel of your brands. If you are not using it for marketing, social commerce, and brand awareness. You are losing much, you can get the online services of social media marketing.

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