Everybody when trying to present his business digitally or selling its product online, make a website, complete it content for a website, then he faces the issue of how to show this content to the users on its website so in this article, we are going to discuss the steps, that should be followed to increase in ranking in google search or to appear on google the first page,

SEO is a process which is consist of a lot of steps but the main is Keyword Research, On-Page Optimization, OFF page Optimization, and technical SEO, here we are going to discuss how we can do on-page optimization of our website

As all the steps have their importance, Search engines consider these factors to rank you better. 

One thing we should have cleared in our mind, the search engine tries to give the best results to its users, that we need to be very clear with our content so that if user search their query and it is about your content so Google can show your content. 


SEO strategies aim is to get the highest rank in search engines for this we design the website in such a way that Search Engine Algorithm finds it easy to crawl, that’s why we do SEO. Search engine algorithm further looks at the two things that are on-page and off-page optimization, the steps we take on our website to make it easy for the search engine to crawl it and find it suitable to rank on higher places is called on-page SEO.

How we can do On-page SEO?

In this article we are going to discuss on-page optimization, below are the steps that you can take to optimize your website.


Your URL should have keywords, and it must not contain separators like – . Etc. URL should be according to your content on a website.

Here in this image, you can see, if our website is about cars selling, we used the keyword in the URL as well


In content portion use Headings for paragraph and assigned with <h1> <h2> <h3…

When you post your heading in this style, it tells the search engines which content is more important, when posting your content use headings like this.

Local Domain factors

 For domain, try to use the same country domain like if your website is for Canadian people your dome should be like checkwebsite.ca

Using local domains helps you in local SEO, Search engines try to show the best result against the query if you use a local Domain, and it will indicate or guide the bots about your domain name.

Keyword Density 

The keyword density for the main keywords or another keyword should not be above 4 to 5 as google has been smart it can automatically judge your content, so avoid keywords stuffing Use latent semantic words.

When you write your content, you can check it freely on online tools like SEOREVIEWTOOL.COM. You can do it manually also

Alt tags, image title, and image caption:

When you upload any image, Search Engine crawlers are unable to understand your image, so we need to add Alt tags, image titles, and image caption. Further image URL should also be according to Alt Tag like the image is about any specific car, URL should be like 


Technical Issues:

Speed of the website also counts as a factor, so you need to speed up your website, Use images less than 100 kb and you can check your website on 

Google speed insight. By speeding up your website you can avoid bounce back

By clicking here you can check your website speed. It will not only tell you about the speed only but also it will tell about the issues and their solution to boost up the speed of your website. 

Screen Responsive

Your website should be screen responsive, mobile-friendly, and accelerated mobile pages should be enabled for your website so that it is responsive to mobile devices as well. Your website should be AMP supported.

Structure of the website

The structure of the website should not be enhanced by 4 levels, no matter how many pages are there but you should have a maximum level four website so that crawlers do not miss any of your pages.

This is how you can manage the level of your website, but don’t enhance it to more than 4 levels.

Page Ids Issue:

Use the exact keyword for the pages instead of using page ids.

Here you can see, we used the page name or its keyword instead of using

page id, if you are not doing it, you are missing an opportunity.


The sitemap is very important for your website to be easily crawled by search engines. Use site map to avoid any page’s missing.

Create an internal link to create hierarchy and use the contextual link as well


Your website should be on good and secure hosting, SSL should be installed there. 

As search engines, prefer the website to be secured and give importance to its users, so this thing is very necessary if you want to appear on the first page.

We can use the external link when necessary but it should be minimal. 


Use breadcrumbs like (1st level, second-level, and third-level) 

Creating new content from time to time

This is the most important step, your website should be updated from time to time, and new content is the way of attracting new traffic.

As we say content is king, so we have to create content from time to time.

Canonical tag and w3c HTML validator 

Use Canonical tags to avoid duplication of pages and your website should be according to the w3c HTML validator. 

Schema, Facebook open graph, and Twitter card

Use Schema, Facebook open graph, and Twitter card

If you are not using them, you are missing a good opportunity.

On-page Optimization is necessary as it is said these days, on-page SEO has a 70% role in your rankings. On-page optimization is not a difficult task but there are some technical issues to solve if you are not an expert you can have these services from Skyspin Digital Marketing experts.